Sid Dillon Referral Club
Welcome to Sid Dillon Referral Club!
Frequently Asked Questions
Does joining the club cost me anything?
No! The Sid Dillon Referral Club is 100% free. Actually we pay you!
Who can I refer?
Referrals must be new to Sid Dillon or have not purchased a vehicle from Sid Dillin in the last 8 years.
Does my referral tier level reset?
Yes, your referral tier level resets January 1st every year.
I forgot my login. What do I do?
Your login should be your email address. You also should recieve an email with that information.
What if I forgot my password?
You can reset your password at this link.
Can multiple people use one referral account?
Yes, but only immediate familiy members living in the same household.
Do I get paid after I submit a refferal?
No, you only get paid once your referral purchases a vehicle
What is a referral number?
Your unique referral id used to identify and pay you.
Will my referral be added to the price of my referrals vehicle purchase?
No, we never add referral costs to any vehicle sales.
Can I check my referral status?
Yes, just login to your account here and we show your active and paid referrals.
I moved can I update my address?
Yes login to your account and update any contact information there.